After a month of development, the 1.06 update was shipped to Apple last night. Apple typically takes about a week to approve updates, so it should be out sometime after this weekend.

Major Changes

While there won’t be any noticeable changes in the interface, a large portion of the underlying image handling code was re-written. This was necessary because of the way the Photos app stores and reports images to the apps – often inconsistently, and sometimes failing to report images. Photosmith would then assume that the photo was deleted, so remove the photo and the metadata. Later, Photos app would report it again, and the photo would re-appear in Photosmith, but missing the data. For those with hundreds or thousands of photos with data, this was extremely bad. See this post for more detail.

In the new version, Photosmith identifies each photo uniquely and doesn’t delete the metadata. Even if you delete the photo from your iPad and reload a few days later, the metadata will still be re-associated with it.

Unfortunately, this required some large changes the core of the app, so took time to program and test. There’s a migration process to upgrade everyone’s database to the latest the first time 1.06 is loaded.

We’ve also added preliminary support for iOS 5, since much of the way Photos app reports pictures has changed. Remember that Apple is still working on iOS 5, and the app developers get updates on a routine basis, but the specifications can change all the way up to the last minute. If Apple submits an updated beta release for iOS 5 next week, it’s possible that the new support won’t work anymore – there’s no way for us to know; if you’re running beta iOS 5, then please be prepared for things to possibly not work.

Other changes

We’ve fixed a number of bugs that have been reported to us via the support website. Problems with particular cameras, particular fields and situations, and some usability bugs in the app have been addressed.

We’ve added a database backup, so that if some kind of crash does occur, the app will automatically restore the last known good copy – a sort of self-managing backup scheme.

We’ve added a diagnostics screen to help with support.


Official change list

– Startup –

  • Added EXPERIMENTAL fixes for iOS 5. If you are beta testing iOS 5 you’re defacto beta testing Photosmith too.
  • Added backup of last known good database configuration, so that a corrupt database could be restored instead of completely lost
  • Added catalog migration step to convert existing image references to the new internal format

– Image processing –

  • Changed Photo Library matching algorithm so that incorrectly reported images or an iPad rebuild will correctly re-match the original image. This corrects the sporadic data loss some users have experienced.
  • Fixed bug in RAW+JPG / DNG+JPG where JPG data wasn’t always used, even if a greater zoom level was available
  • Added additional checking for null terminated EXIF strings – GoPro cameras were specifically affected by this

– LR Sync –

  • Added additional date/time checking for cameras that don’t report exif date/time as expected (Panasonic RW2)
  • Fixed many memory leaks in the sync process

– Grid View –

  • Fixed crash when deleting collection while the collection name is being edited
  • Fixed bug where filter selection wasn’t respected during Drag and Drop operations

– Loupe View –

  • Fixed bug where metadata changes weren’t saved if you swiped to a new picture without closing the keyboard or changing fields first.

– Other –

  • Added Sync Diagnostics screen to assist with support


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