As we mentioned before, 1.0.4 was a much larger update than we originally expected. Several thousand new lines of code were added, and a lot of behind the scenes re-work was done for speed and code improvement. Most of this was to address some sync bugs and to better handle RAW files from different cameras.

However, despite plenty of testing, it appears that we’ve introduced a couple of new bugs. This is an ongoing list:

  • Photos loaded from the previous version and still in the system are sometimes being displayed incorrectly. Although the algorithm for determining the correct viewable and stored sizes are much more robust, the code doesn’t properly “import” the old settings
  • Some images are showing incorrectly
    • Leica M9
    • Canon 60D
    • Canon 1Ds Mk II
  • Sync crashes for some people after transferring hundreds of images. A couple reports of a full iOS crash (!)
  • There’s a bug in the plugin that will cause some RAW images not to be imported sometimes.
  • Location IPTC data isn’t always transmitted during sync

Even though we have sample images from hundreds of cameras and extensively test the app, it’s still easy to miss something – especially with so many different camera and image type combinations out there.

We’re gathering sample images and are working through the bugs now. We’ll get the update out ASAP.

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