Photosmith is now live in the App Store!

Here’s what the early reviews are saying…. (we’ll update this list as the day goes on and reviews are published)

iPad Creative:

If you use Adobe Lightroom you need this app on your iPad. It’s that simple.

Rob Galbraith DPI:

Photosmith has the fastest full-resolution viewer of any full-resolution-capable iOS app we’ve ever tested; it feels especially sprightly on the iPad 2.

Glyn Dewis:

Sorting through images, labelling, adding descriptions and copyright information isn’t the most stimulating of past times; if I’m in front of my computer with images on the screen I want to be editing rather than doing what I would call the ‘tedious’ tasks. However as odd as it may sound these previously ‘tedious’ tasks are actually made quite enjoyable using Photosmith on the iPad.

Photosmith - Lightroom lite for iPad?


Scott Kelby

Mike Schelhorn (German)

Utiliser Lightroom (French)

Le Monde de la Photo (French) (German) (French)


…when you get home you just sync your iPad with Lightroom and everything is organized and ready to go! That is what the makers of Photosmith have developed and honestly they hit this one out of the park on their first swing. (Italian)

Best App Site

More to come…

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